3 Apr


Welcome to Comfort to Courage – the website devoted to helping people change.  Comfort to Courage is here to help you create the life you want! Nearly everyone has things in their lives they want to change. Perhaps you have...
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29 Mar

How To Measure Your Comfort Zone

What You Already Know Your comfort zone is that psychological place in your mind, that set of neural pathways most commonly used, which represent the most common actions, reactions, and interactions in your life. It is that artificial boundary that...
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23 Mar

How to Nourish Your Soul

Your life is so full of activities and tasks that need to be done, things you want to buy and people you need to take care of or keep happy. Most of the time you barely find time to eat...
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22 Feb

Change Your State

One of the major obstacles to any sort of change is your mental states ( the states that make up your metal Comfort Zone), those mental states that you habitually slip into. These states control what you think, how you...
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