The Only One You’ve Got!

YEditable vector silhouettes of people walking hand in handou live in your body. It can is your temple in life, the gift given to you by the creator or it can be the prison you live in on this earth. But no matter what, it is the only one you’ve got.   Sure we can fix or replace bits of it and we can nip and tuck parts of it, but it is the only body we have to live in on this earth. Not matter what age it is, what weight it is or what gender it is, that body is the home of the beautiful spirit that is you.

Not only is it the vessel you live in but it is also the part of you that interfaces with the world. It is the part of you on display to the world and every person you encounter sees this outer reflection of you, of your spirit. It is also the primary vehicle we use to accomplish everything we do in the world. All the great things we have done, are doing now and are GOING TO DO will be done using this body!

do not photo meInstead of treating this vessel that holds everything that is us with respect and kindness, most of us do not even like our bodies. We compare our bodies to someone else’s ideal of what is should look like and what it should be able to do. Our Comfort Zone in relation to our body is one that reflects and is created by that image that SOMEONE ELSE has created.

For some of us, this outer imposed ideal is sufficient and we are content with it. But for the vast majority of us, that image can never reflect who we are and that image can never be what we need to thrive and grow. It does not reflect what feels good to our spirit or soul, but what someone else has declared to be ideal. Remember that Comfort Zones can be good or bad and for most of us, the Comfort zone we have for our body, how we habitually feel about it, is really an uncomfortable and unhappy place.

large teen girl full length portraitIn order to create change in this area of ourselves, we first have to create change in our Comfort Zone. We need to create step outside of the Comfort Zone created by others and expand, engulf it and recreate it with one that supports us and truly comforts us. Only from supportive Comfort Zone can we truly achieve the body we need regardless of weight, shape, or gender.

As a first step to truly comfortable Comfort Zone, try these things:

Care for your body

  • Get a massage or give yourself a message
  • New lotion, perfume or cologne with a scent that appeals to You
  • Make sure you give you body adequate rest and nutrition – it is what is taking you to your goals
  • Take a nap

Appreciate your body:

  • Focus on those parts of you that you really like.
  • Be your friends supporter not its enemy
  • Make a list of the things that your body CAN do – don’t focus on what it cannot do.

Clothe Your Body – work with what you have.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Wear colors that enhance your skin tone.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel good about your body.

Be Kind to Your Body

  • Be critical of social and media images of what a body is supposed to look like
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Turn off the negative voices in your head – break the cycle of negative self talk.

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