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Thinking and results mindset - disappointmentOne of the major obstacles to any sort of change is your mental states ( the states that make up your metal Comfort Zone), those mental states that you habitually slip into. These states control what you think, how you feel about things, how you respond and, eventually, the way the outcome of events and the way people react to you.

Now some people feel that what happens in your life controls the thoughts you are having. Your boss yelled at you so you are frustrated. You got a raise so you are happy. You and your significant other had a fight so you are mad. You started a new project and you are excited. You have to give a presentation and you are nervous. Most people feel that those responses just happen and that is it. But have you ever noticed that some people seem to bounce back while other sort of wallow in both the good and the bad feelings.

Well those feelings do happen and they happen to everyone, that’s fine. The question is… Do these responses support what you need to do? Are te responses positive or negative. If not then your responses, your response Comfort Zone, work AGAINST you. Remember your reactions control your thoughts, your thoughts control your responses to others and your actions and your responses and actions controls the way people respond to you and the outcome of events.

There is the good news, you do not have to stay in that zone for very long.. Here is the really important thing: You have ultimate control of your reaction to what happens to you.

So if you want to create change in your life then you will need to step out of your overall Comfort Zone and into a place that causes you some level of stress and anxiety. If your response to stress and anxiety is a thought process that is limiting then your ability to take action inside your Courage Zone is limited. You will be more likely to fail at the change you are trying to achieve. You may have already had this happen to you — remember the same old thinking gives you the same old results!

One hand say yes.What is a limiting mental state: your mind runs around in circles, excessive worry, you have lots of negative self talk, you just get sad, mad, frustrated, etc. All these states will limit your ability to move forward and make progress towards your goals.  You want a positive state to reach above the negative states and pull you up!

So what happens if you find yourself in a negative, limiting mental state? Change it! Interrupt it! Alter It! We will explore how to change you state in detail in later posts but try some of the following quick techniques to change your mental state:

Use your Senses – Choose sense experiences that uplift you and make you feel good

  • Look at something you love (a photograph, your garden, colors)
  • Listen or sing your favorite music, or natural sounds like the wind or waves
  • Watch some uplifting/funny videos
  • Light a scented candle or smell some relaxing potpourri or flowers
  • Take a hot shower or bath
  • Put on your most comfortable clothing
  • Pet a dog or cat
  • Eat or drink something (Chew some gum, drink some tea)

Use your Environment – Change your environment to truly experience the new location

  • Go for a walk
  • Take a drive in a beautiful place
  • Go to your local coffee shop

Use your Family and Friends

  • Call/text a friend
  • Call a family member who is lonely
  • Play with your kids
  • Go out or play with your spouse/significant other
  • Go out or play with your friends

Use your Body

  • Stand up and move around
  • Go for a walk
  • Dance
  • Stretch your neck

Use your Mind – change what you are focusing on

  • Recall an empowering memory
  • Imagine positive outcomes to what ever is worrying you
  • Imagine your ultimate goal in all its glory
  • Imagine a peaceful scene that relaxes you
  • Meditate

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